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Missing my aimless walks around the city…

February 5, 2010

I have a ton of editing to get caught up on after my shoot today, so I thought I would post a favorite of mine from the archives.  I took this one shortly after I moved to the city on a walk over the Williamsburg Bridge.  When the weather is a little more cooperative, it is one of my favorite walks/runs.  I can’t wait for the temperatures to warm up, just a little.  I am a fan of the winter and all, but it’s not as fun to wander with your camera and shoot when you lose feeling in your fingers.

 For this one I tweaked the color balance in photoshop, but the zoom effect was done in camera.  I also wanted to do a little shout out to my good friend, Mitchell who is collaborating with me on a new painting of his using this image as the base.  I can’t wait to see the results.  Check out his site…I am a huge fan of his work.

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  1. February 7, 2010 12:58 pm

    awesome. very cool love that the two people are somewhat still while the remainder of the shot is swooshing by.

    • February 7, 2010 1:32 pm

      Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment. I had shot a series of these with varying amounts of blur on the people, and was thrilled when I loaded this one up and saw how still they appeared. 🙂

  2. gretchen permalink
    February 22, 2010 11:07 am

    I love your work! Black & white shots especially altho’ NOW… after seeing your photos here, your color work is gaining ground for me. Unexpected surprises jumped out & at me as I slowly scrolled & when I got to this one I smiled & was stunned. Fast-fwd & still. I ‘m looking fwd to your collaboration on this photo with Mitchell – hope it’s soon!

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