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every new beginning…

May 11, 2010

Today was kind of a depressing day…for a variety of reasons, nothing I feel I should get into in such a public forum…but the mood DID inspire me to post one of my more recent collections of images.  These were shot with my new lensbaby with the optic swap system (plastic optic used here).  I must say, I am kind of in love with the experimental nature of this thing.  It’s like my holga and my lensbaby 3g got together and reproduced.  Some how the world seems not quite so harsh through the right lens…

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  1. May 11, 2010 9:04 pm

    The first time I saw the pictures (without reading the note) I thought you had used soft focus filter. I was wrong. Lensbaby seems to be the answer – everyone seems to be using it these days.

    I like the last one the best. Like the soft feel in the portrait.

  2. Jacqueline permalink
    May 12, 2010 8:15 am

    Love the look of this lens – the last one of Melissa sets such a great tone. Beautiful 🙂

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